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Caulking gun no adhesive failure how to quickly solve the technique or method!

Hangzhou John Hardware Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 01, 2016

Caulking gun, as now the seal of a bonding tool in today's electrical and bonding when common tools such as auto parts. When using a caulking gun, sometimes not out of glue failure, what problem? Faced with this failure, how to solve it? Which techniques should be used or the method?

For this there are two main situations:

The first case, caulking gun does not heat properly. The main reason might be: 1, power connection abnormal, not plugged in 2, device is damaged due to short-circuit.

The second case, caulking gun normally fever. Main of reasons may is: 1, and pressure rubber gun of mouth mouth was other of impurities jam, cannot normal of playing rubber, recommends find professional people processing; 2, and pour rubber of effect, makes rubber article variable rough, will its variable rough part removed, will can again using; 3, and cannot put in wet of environment in the, or will caused equipment of insulation performance appeared problem, and, compared easy appeared shock of dangerous; 4, and nozzle temperature very high, almost in 200 degrees Celsius, only touch its handles, cannot to touch other of parts; 5, and Cannot in into rubber pulled rubber article, or easy led to equipment damaged; 6, and in using of equipment of in the, don't free of on equipment of parts dedicated demolition, or easy appeared equipment of damaged, led to equipment cannot normal using; 7, and in using of process in the, if appeared back of situation, must immediately stop using only line, stay problem solution yihou to using; 8, and in pressure rubber gun series heating time over 15 minutes yihou no using, must pulled out power, ensure equipment of security.

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