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Pneumatic tool maintenance

Hangzhou John Hardware Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 01, 2016

1, using a variety of tools, must be in compliance with all safety rules and instructions.

2, to use the appropriate tools, tool easily hurt, too small to easily cause tool damage.

3 parts and operations, not arbitrary demolition tools, will affect the operator's safety could result in tool damage.

4, to ensure that the right of the gas supply system: the entrance to the inlet pressure to the tool (non compressor outlet pressure) generally 90PSIG (6, 2Kg/cm^2), too high, too low are detrimental to the performance and life of the tool. Air intake must contain sufficient lubricant, for full lubrication of pneumatic motor tool (you can put a white at the tool exhaust review whether there is oil, normal for the oil). Air intake must do without water, if reduced air without the air dryer is not appropriate.

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