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Types of cutting machines

Hangzhou John Hardware Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 01, 2016

Powered by: this mainly cutting plate has the advantage of laser cutting machine and great range of work can be 2*6 m or 3*9 m-plate cutting directly on the machine.

Desktop: when cutting thin of this machine, processing speed, but effective cutting range Max 1.5*3 m., (such as switch cabinets, lift, decoration and other industries) this machine is a lot on the market today, processing, competition is relatively large, but is relatively widely used.

The principle of laser cutting machine laser marking: laser is produced by former mirror, mirror, mirror, condenser lens to four nozzle, and spray out from the nozzle assisted gas cutting, 99 percent pure oxygen gas, temperature and pressure must slice through the work-piece about this? Is in fact a large laser the principle, I believe that the principles are the same.

Most common industry laser machine: consists of nitrogen, helium 4 gas, oxygen, carbon dioxide and k v high-voltage laser, 4 kinds of gas for 99 per cent of high-purity gases

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