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New Manual Tile Cutter

Hangzhou John Hardware Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 01, 2016

Traditional cutting tools cutting machine and electric hand-held diamond knives. Effect of electric stone cutting machine 1-3 minutes, has some burrs errors greater than 3 mm, loss, need for secondary processing. Traditional diamond cutters, cutting time is around 5 minutes, and because of the human factor, loss is relatively large.

New manual cutting machine, cutting with diamond glass cutter similar to glass. Straight line and ARC cutting all types of ceramic tiles, glazed and unglazed wall tiles, floor tiles, solid brick, ceramic plates, vitreous China brick and plate glass. Particularly Italy production line manufacture of various types of high-wall tiles, floor tiles, because according to the standards of the European Community, the texture is particularly hard, which uses existing electric stone cutting machine cutting is also more difficult. This machine is not only the smooth cut and increase efficacy more than 5 times, cutting wheel life extended by 2 to 4 times, cutting edge on a neat, low cost, no electricity, no water, no noise, light, and carrying convenience, thus the majority of builders welcome.

New manual tile cutter, also a more environmentally friendly cutting tool. No dust pollution on the operation itself. For many cutaway Dreadnought faults problems such as defective products before they go out, they can also be neatly cut, waste. Reduce cost, reduce losses and increase the efficiency of the mill. Cutting efficiency is also much faster than the first two said, usually about 2 seconds, compared with traditional, also has a qualitative leap. Tile once cut, cut tile, for subsequent construction workers, are relatively simple

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